Asus O!Play HDP-R1 HD Media Player

Asus has a new portable for users to show: O! Play HDP HD-R1 Media Player. This box is able to decode and display full HD up to video formats, Aimed at providing stunning 1080p Full High Definition entertainment across a wide variety of media formats, the O! Play HDP-R1 HD Media Player boasts several exclusive features-such as a Music Shuffle feature and ultra-fast eSATA interface for the best living room digital entertainment experience.

The machine is also equipped with USB 2.0 and eSATA combined for the best rates possible with an external hard drive. It is also equipped with an Ethernet port RJ-45 to connect to home network, but not wireless WiFi. It offers addition to the HDMI output, Component and optical audio.

Stunning Full HD 1080p Resolution and File Format Support Vast
The O! Play HDP-R1 claims to be the world’s only High Definition media player which supports an extremely wide range of file formats, including MPEG1/2/4, H.264, VC-1, and the popular RM / RMVB. Users can share their videos and photos instantly from their PCs and notebooks in enhanced clarity and high definition with friends, family and colleagues – all in the comfort of their living rooms or conference rooms.

Exclusive Music Shuffle Feature for One-touch Playback Music
The O! Play HDP-R1 is the first high definition media player to provide a music shuffle function via a dedicated button on the remote control. With a simple touch of a button, the O! Play HDP-R1 collates all the music files in storage and then starts playing the music in random order. With the music shuffle function, users can enjoy their tunes both instantly and effortlessly without having to manually import any music files into the O! Play HDP-R1.

Exclusive Support eSATA-6 Times Faster than USB 2.0
While high definition content delivers stunning images, it also requires huge bandwidth to render the image quality to perfection. With the exclusive eSATA interface on the O! Player HDP-R1, users can experience up to 6 times faster transfer speeds * as compared to USB 2.0, virtually eliminating any delays in delivering high definition entertainment to the user.

Easy Access to Networked Content with LAN Support
The O! Player HDP-R1 is equipped with LAN support which allows users to effortlessly stream their files from their PCs-doing away with manual transfers of multimedia data from one device to another. Users can simply download and keep the multimedia files in their PCs or notebooks and still be able to enjoy them through the O! Player HDP-R1, be it in the living room or study.

Asus O!Play HDP-R1 HD Media Player Specification

  • Brand Asus
  • Product Series O!play O! Play
  • Type HDP-R1
  • Chipset unknown Realtek chipset
  • Video Containers mp4, mov, xvid, avi, dvix, asf, wmv, mkv, rm, rmvb, flv, ts, m2ts that, mpg, vob
  • Video Codecs mpeg1/2/4, H.264, VC-1, rm / rmvb
  • Subtitle Formats srt, sub, smi, ssa
  • Audio Formats mp3, wav, aac, ogg, flac, aiff
  • Picture jpeg, bmp, png, tiff, poison
  • Output resolutions to 1080p
  • Network Protocols UPnP, Samba
  • Firmware updates manually
  • Video 1x HDMI 1.2, 1x Composite
  • Audio 1x analogue, 1x S / PDIF (optical)
  • Data 1x 10/100-ethernet, 1x USB 2.0, 1x eSATA
  • Length 181mm
  • Width 125mm
  • Height 48mm
  • Weight no indication

Detail view of the player
The O! Play player which model HDP-R1 has received, by Asus in a remarkable little black box. On the back are composite, HDMI and RCA jacks, along with an optical S / PDIF port and an Ethernet port. A component output is missing unfortunately. On the side are an eSATA and a USB port available.

The player is tested with beta firmware, which is not possible for a definitive assessment of the playback and impossibilities to give, but we can already broad statements about the qualities of the device. The remote control that Asus with the O! has cheap feeling buttons and a store housing. More Store is that there are no buttons for volume control. It is not possible while watching a movie with the remote to adjust the sound level.

When we connect the TV box to show it takes just 20 seconds to boot.  O! Play by gifted graphic designers designed: the icons, especially those in the main, eyes are rather primitive and unclear. The operation runs smoothly, however gently.

The choice is a convenient option Copy: it can copy  from a usb stick or external hard drive soon to a media file such as a nas copied. The presence of an eSATA port is useful, especially for copy operations from hard disks. The eSATA speed is almost never necessary to be able to play HD content, a normal usb stick or a 100Mbit network almost always sufficient, and only slower wifi variants there may be a bottleneck created.

Media Play
His strengths comes in to picture when we treat him to a collection of all kinds of video and audio formats. Finding network shares is good rap, like the opening of the content on usb devices. Video zone plays almost all the files easily and 1080p resolutions played only one ogg file was mistakenly seen as an audio file, while we really wanted to watch a video.

The player can play mkv files with a dts soundtrack mixes down on the HDMI connection, which is striking because the vast majority of the competing players that can transmit surround signals only to an external surround amplifier . As compared to the many media players based on Sigma chipset strikes, the quality of the Asus player the picture looks crisper and sharper, and in particular the average color is natural.

The playback, however, remains seriously short, forward and rewind is certainly possible, but only when viewing DVD iso’s there is the possibility to browse chapters. The fact that the volume is not the player can be adjusted, leaving it again to another remote to be grasped, is a significant irritation point. Asus is expected that these serious omissions partially repaired with a new firmware version. A resume function is happy as it exists.

Playing sound and viewing photos is good experience. It is possible to zoom in on images. Also the player can handle the popular lossless flac format and with all common image formats. 

You can get the popular Western Digital HD TV at the same price but the Asus O! Play is a serious competitor to. The media in contrast to the device of WD have access to a network of content to the local network to stream, although still lacking the ability to Wi-Fi connection. Furthermore, the addition of an eSATA port, a nice discovery of Asus.

About the art of playing the O! Play, we are satisfied, the video quality is good to excellent and almost every video that we wanted to see left open without problems. The audio playback and photos in order.

Although we expect Asus with some new firmware which can solve some issue. Asus O! Play HDP HD-R1 Media Player lacks ability to play videos quickly, and the absence of any volume is a serious loss. In addition, we hope that soon an Asus graphic designer on the payroll to increase menus of this product . Finally, some users of a low speed connection find annoying. 


  1. Are you sure that can play .MKV files with DTS downmix codec? I have not read that it can do that, please let me know thank you

  2. Am very happy with the ASUS HDP-R1. Wish list would include wireless and bluetooth support.

    The multimedia player is very fast and didn’t notice any lag on audio/video when watching movies from either a flash drive or a PC. Go to to upload and then install the most uptodate fireware; 1.17N for mine particular machine.

    Good luck and Happy New Year.

    Stay Thirsty My Friends

  3. Users do not have to carry the physical storage from study room to living room. HD content stream from PC or NAS to the Media Player for easy file management.


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