Logitech MX310 Optical Mouse

It is not an ordinary optical mouse. It incorporates the MX optical
engine, advanced tracking technology provides an immediate response to
movements faster. You get excellent performance, comfortable and
maintaining a set of functions to maximize your productivity …
Together with a catchy design.

When you have had experience with unmatched precision optical engine of the Logitech MX , you do more than you spend.

The revolutionary sensor 800 dpi allows capturing 4.7 megapixels per
second, detecting movements of the lowest. You benefit from a precision
and increased control over a multitude of surfaces.

In addition, a set of advanced features streamline the most common
tasks such as scrolling long documents, navigation between applications
or the Internet.

Technical Details:

  • Colors : Silver / Black
  • Connectivity : Wired
  • Pointing Technology : Optics
  • Resolution : 800 dpi
  • Image processing : 4.7 megapixels / s
  • Acceleration : 10g
  • Interface : USB – PS2
  • Software supplied : MouseWare Software
  • Expansion / Connectivity : 1 x USB – 4 pin USB Type A | 1 x mouse – generic – 6 pin mini-DIN (PS / 2 style)
  • Package Contents :
    • Logitech MX 310 Optical Mouse
    • Adapter USB – PS / 2
    • MouseWare Software
    • User Guide on CD-ROM
    • Full product support
  • Buttons: Mouse 3 buttons + 1 Wheel + 3 function keys
  • OS Required: Microsoft Windows NT 4.0, Apple MacOS 8.6 or later, Microsoft Windows 98/ME/2000/XP

Well, nice, cheap.
One of the complaints that we (the undersigned is) of mice in general
is that as it becomes a slightly higher level of quality, the mice
start to have clever ways to ergonomics that are obviously a torture to
7% of the population that thinks and acts differently, "ie, the

Logitech has come to solve this problem with this mouse, the Logitech
MX310, which maintains the characteristics of high-end, but with an
ergonomically neutral design that can be used by both hands without the
need for complicated positions.

Buttons, many buttons

The Logitech MX310 features 6 buttons (the usual click, click
anternativo, click on the roulette wheel, a button behind the wheel and
two side buttons), a wheel that moves with great smoothness and a lens
that allows a defendant 4.7 megapixels of image per second, with a
resolution of 800 dpi (dots per inch), acceleration of 10g and a speed
of 1m/segundo. The mouse comes in classic dark blue Logitech, with
corresponding details in silver.

Yes, it’s wired

Some users say that this mouse is missing something, the wireless
capability: I have been a joy that would not, because I finally decided
to go back to wired mice. Reasons?. for almost a year I’ve been using a
mouse (also Logitech, the keyboard that accompanies the Cordless Elite
Duo) wireless experience and not just convince me. Regardless of the
problem of the batteries (easily remedied with rechargeable batteries)
the sense of delay in response is evident with time of use. This
feeling is much more evident in games which require an immediate
reaction to the aggression of an enemy (see Unreal Tournament or the
like). In addition to its precision tasks such as design or management
programs that require a high degree of reliability in the selection had
left me very cautious when it comes to continue using it. At the end
(until the entry of this small wonder) chooses to remove the wireless
mouse and return to an old Logitech Optical Mouse Wired also prevented
me suffering for skilled ergonomics.

In Use
The mouse was immediately recognized that he had installed the drivers
from Logitech (Logitech Control Center), specifically version 1.1.0
(currently 1.1.1), which although not a great driver when compared with
its counterpart for MacOS 9, is stable with all Logitech items
available in this office (which are few), with the possibility to
parameterize all the buttons, so that we can have a set of very
complete orders in one hand. It made missing (but that is the fault and
the driver) power generating groups of specific preferences for
programs. Setup, simple and quick, no big problems.

Once in hand, we found that the mouse requires hand have a little more
delayed than usual, much wrist resting on the table in other models.
This goes to suggest that the mouse is smaller than usual, but in
reality is like an inch and half longer than its standard counterpart
Optical Mouse. This is especially interesting for those who move the
mouse with the fingers, rather than the wrist, although we prefer the
twist of the wrist usually means having to get used to a new touch,
which by the way, is excellent: the mouse seems to " float "above the
table, and we have even had to slow down the pointer around extreme

Great addition to our tables, especially if you prefer a mouse
left-handed and full of possibilities without having to go to these
common pain producing hand so skilled in ergonomics.


  • Very precise
  • Very reactive
  • Ultra supra resistant (not found another superlative)
  • Cheap

Cons :

  • Teflon-based pad with a glue.
  • Its doesn’t look as nice after 3+ years.

Price: $25.84 (Amazon)


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