ASUS Eee PC Seashell 1005HA

Asus adds to its line of netbooks Seashell ultrathin the new Eee PC
1005HA, alongside existing 1008HA. The Asus Eee PC 1005HA is part of
the range of Seashell . The Eee PC1005HA Seashell – has taken the top
two spots on
Amazon’s Bestsellers list for netbooks within its first week of
introduction.  With
its best in its class of 10.5 hours of battery life based on the
Seashelll attractive chassis and comfortable keyboard, the Eee
PC 1005HA Shell has earned high praise from the media. Computer Shopper
1005HA described as "one of the smartest, most stylish netbook we’ve
used so far." Laptop Magazine called "the most well rounded Eee PC to
date" and said has "the longest runtime of any netbook."

new 1005HA has the usual Atom processor N270/N280, webcams Mpx 1.3 or
0.3 and Windows XP or Linux operating system.  Connectivity is covered
with Wi-Fi b / g / n, Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR and
Ethernet, plus include three USB, VGA port and card reader.  You can
choose three batteries: one of three cells (4 hours) and two of six
cells (8.5 or 10.5 hours).

Respect to its price, which assembles the N270 will cost Approx. RS
20400 and Approx. Rs 23800 worth the N280.  If we compare with the
1008HA (Rs.35,000 in India), The 1005HA is of
less price because it just lost connection to an older USB and
treatment Color-Shine on the screen of 10.1 ". Why Approx. Rs13600
difference for so little difference.


  • Operating System:
    • Genuine Windows XP Home (*Pre-installed with Microsoft Office Home & Student 2007 60-day Trial and vary by country)
    • GNU Linux
  • Display:
    • 10.1" LED Backlight WSVGA Screen (1024×600)
  • Intel CPU & Chipset :
    • Intel Atom N280/ N270
  • Memory :
    • 1GB DDR2 SO-DIMM
  • Wireless Data Network:
    • WLAN 802.11b/g/n @2.4GHz
    • Bluetooth2.1 + EDR
  • Hybrid Storage :
    • 160GB HDD
    • 10GB Eee Storage
  • Camera :
    • 1.3M Pixel / 0.3M Pixel
  • Audio :
    • Hi-Definition Audio CODEC
    • Stereo speaker
    • Digital Array Mic (XP Only
  • Input / Output :
    • 1 x VGA Port (D-sub 15-pin for external monitor)
    • 3 x USB 2.0
    • 1 x LAN RJ-45
    • 2 x Audio Jack (Head Phone / Mic-in)
    • Card Reader: MMC/ SD(SDHC)
  • Battery :
    • 10.5hrs*, 6-Cell 63Wh Li-ion Battery
    • 8.5 hrs*, 6-Cell 48Wh Li-ion Battery
    • 4 hrs*, 3-Cell 23Wh Li-ion Battery
  • Dimensions :
    • 262mm(W) x 178mm(D) x 25.9mm~ 36.5mm(H)
  • Weight :
    • 1.27Kg (with 6-Cell Battery)
    • 1.1Kg (with3-Cell Battery)
  • Infusion :
    • White, Black, Pink, Blue

Slightly thicker than its prior release, the 1008HA, this model retains
the overall aesthetics and provides different finishes. Caches
disappear connectivity to allow the USB and other outdoor activities.

The keyboard, touchpad and webcam are similar to 1008HA. A word about the noise in operation. The 1005HA makes noise after
operation of several hours. This is not a turbine noise, however, is
high enough to attract the ear compared to other models of the
manufacturer whose 1008HA is completely silent.

Having number of ports that includes: 3 USB (very little), 1 RJ45, 2
mini-jacks, a card reader SD and 1 VGA. The bases are covered and we
appreciate the presence of 1 additional USB compared to the 1008HA. 
Under the netBook we can have access to the battery and RAM (memory) if
you open a cover closed by a screw.

Design exterior
At first glance, the difference is not obvious between this new Eee PC
1005HA and previous models in the range 1000h marketed for nearly a
year.  The design is very close, like the colors still subject to a glossy finish.

Small detail, however, the logo "eee" is now located in the center of
the outer shell. On previous models in the range 1000h, it was located
in the upper left corner.

Front view
The front is completely blank of any connector.

Located at the far left you can see the plug for the power supply,
followed by VGA and a USB port and the Kensington lock attachment.
Following the disposal of the cable model used to guard against theft,
it is possible that the USB port is partially hidden.

Right side
The rest of the connection is here, namely, Ethernet port, USB (x2),
the microphone input, headphone output and the memory card reader.

Rear View
It is possible to see the battery. Unlike the Eee PC 1008HA Seashell,
the 1005HA retains a removable battery that users can replace if
necessary without it turning to VAS.

Bottom View
1005Ha The Eee PC has only one access door behind which lies the memory
card. The user can therefore change quite easily the size of the memory
of his NETBOOK. In contrast to access the hard drive, or any other
internal component, it will completely disassemble the chassis.  Once
the battery is removed you can see a site dedicated to a SIM card.
For this NETBOOK, and Asus plans to offer variants with an integrated
3G chip to facilitate access to mobile Internet.

Two speakers are located on the front of the chassis. They issue a
large enough power for a NETBOOK. Not surprisingly, the sound quality
can not keep up. The sound delivered is very acute. It is possible to
improve the return by playing on the graphic equalizer on your music

The results are almost identical to those obtained by the 1008HA and
all netBook with the Intel Atom. What he must remember is that they are
able to implement any type of transaction (video editing, photo
editing), but they require 3 to 6 times longer than laptops "classic"
modern processor with dual core.

In video, the limits of the machine falls on the huge HD (file type Blu-Ray).

The glossy screen looks identical to what we saw in the 1008HA: the
glossy screen offers good color and contrast, but glare and reflections
indoors under strong lights or outdoors under direct sunlight can be a
problem. We must recognize that if the colors are more flattering with
a glossy reflections on them are more present. Fortunately the
backlight LED, with a well calibrated brightness, helps to overcome
much of this inconvenience.

Accustomed to improvements Dolby treatments that are emerging on all
laptops (DIY software, but nevertheless effective) way back on this
NETBOOK, poor sound is obvious. It really should not rely on the
built-in speakers, and we have heard much better output.

Mobility, Autonomy
We weighed our copy test and found 1.2 kg It is 100 grams more than
1008HA. This extra weight (probably due in large part to the battery),
which provides a range of 2 hours to achieve greater 5:31. It is an
excellent score, even if the 1000HE (250g heavier), a little better
with 5:53.

However, this new design is accompanied by a slight decrease in
congestion, but also and especially under 300g on the scale compared to
the previous Eee PC 1000h. A significant point for mobile users. We
must recognize that in terms of weight, eee PC were rather far behind
the competition. The new range Seashell therefore allows Asus to catch
up and drop back in the race.

For the rest, Asus includes the ingredients that made the success of
previous eee PC, such a finish, quality of manufacture of good quality
or a complete connection with the presence on the 1005HA-H Bluetooth
and WiFi 802.11 n. With at least six hours of autonomy, Eee PC 1005HA
could easily accompany the mobile throughout the day. By adjusting the
settings, it is even possible to exceed ten hours of battery life. A
protective cover is also included among the accessories.


  • Battery Life 5:20 Hours.
  • One USB port more than the 1008HA
  • Lighter than the 1000HE
  • Great keyboard
  • Screen brighter than 1008HA


  • 100g heavier than the 1008HA
  • Thick for a modern netbook
  • Still uses weak integrated graphics
  • Bad touchpad buttons


  1. With the exclusive ASUS Super Hybrid Engine’s increased power efficiency, the Eee PC can deliver an impressively long battery lifespan—eliminating worries about power while on-the-go and easily keeps users connected for full day, unplugged computing. The Eee PC Seashell’s keyboard is more comfortable and less fatiguing to type on for prolonged periods. Seemingly crafted by nature itself, the Eee PC Seashell draws its inspiration from seashells and its opalescent and glossy exterior is crafted by the innovative in-Mold Roller technology. It’s so light and compact, you can take it anywhere with you! And with sleek curves and smooth lines hugging its lustrous shell, the Eee PC Seashell will easily charm passers-by wherever it goes.


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