Samsung B5702 DuoS – Dual SIM Mobile Phone

The Samsung B5702 is Samsung’s fourth DuoS dual SIM model,
after the D880, D780 and D980. In a dual-sim device can use two sim cards
simultaneously, so you both a business such as a private number at hand. Both
numbers can be active simultaneously and you can separate one for each song
ringtone. The interface of the 16.9 mm thick B5702 is very similar to that of
the D980. The B5702 has a sleek, metallic look and features a 2.4 inch display
and support for FM radio, Bluetooth and EDGE. You can also clear pictures with
the 3 megapixel camera with autofocus. In parallel with the B5702 also
introduced dual SIM Samsung C5212.



Main Specifications
The Samsung B5702 has recently become known on the Internet
and it is still little known about all the functionality of this mobile phone.
It is known that the device is a slider phone with a QVGA color display. This
Samsung has the support of normal GSM networks and data networks like GPRS and
EDGE. This allows you to use the B5702 mobile internet, and so nice to surf the
net or just watch your e-mail.

You can click this cell the necessary files. If the internal
memory is not large enough you can extend it further. You can do this via a
microSD memory card. You can save your files to a PC or vice versa for example.
This transfer can be done via USB, in addition the Samsung B5702 Duos also have


Device & dimensions
The Samsung B5702 is a dual sim phone weighing 114 grams.
The dimensions of the phone are 10.8 x 5.3 x 1.7 inches. Speaking amounts
(under ideal conditions) 680 minutes. The standby time is 221 hours under these
conditions. The Samsung B5702 is only available in the color gray.


Call & Data capabilities
The Samsung B5702 supports GSM 900, 1800 and 1900 MHz
networks. The B5702 can be relatively fast mobile internet with EDGE support.
EDGE is currently in the Netherlands are no longer supported. So you’re reliant
on the much slower GPRS. EDGE abroad is still popular. The Samsung B5702 can
include text (SMS) and multimedia (MMS) messages sent and received. The B5702
also has a WAP browser. Vibrating alert and polyphonic ringtones are of course
standard equipment.


Memory and connectivity
The Samsung B5702 has 30 internal memory (Flash). In total
there is 1 slot for microSD external memory. You can using USB data transfer to
and from your PC. The B5702 has further Bluetooth.

The Samsung B5702 can both audio (MP3 and AAC +) and video
(MPEG4) files mobile listening and viewing. The B5702 has a built-in FM radio
and voice recorder. The Samsung B5702 also has a built-in camera. The maximum
resolution of this camera is 2000 x 1504 pixels (3.00 megapixel). This camera
has no optical zoom. This Samsung has no loose pocket MP3 player anymore.
Thanks to the FM radio receiver with RDS in the use of Samsung B5702 also
anywhere and listen to the radio.


Display & Control
The operation of the phone takes place on the device itself.
The Samsung B5702 has an operating system developed by Samsung itself. Thes
firmware of the phone is upgradable. You can later possibly newer versions of
the operating system.

Prices of Samsung B5702
The cheapest Samsung B5702 costs currently (commercially) approx. Rs. 11999. Of course, the B5702 also available by subscription. Look in the B5702
price list for current Samsung B5702 offers subscription. Here you also find
the individual unit prices. Keep in mind that more when you a free LG B5702
stuck with a subscription. This need not always be the best choice. There is no
assessment of the product available.


The Samsung B5702 is a dual sim phone. That can hold 2
separate SIM cards in the mobile phone can stop. With a push of a button
switches you from one SIM to another. This feature is ideal for people who
normally have 2 phones for example, an example for personal use and one for
business use. The Samsung B5702 is you can lose everything in a single cell. The
Samsung B5702 is furthermore equipped with GPRS support on the internet so you
can use this phone. Also has a media
player for music B5702 files and a 3.2 megapixel camera for photos.


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