Samsung YP-Q2 : Price and Specification

The Samsung YP-Q2 is a complete multimedia player, with 8GB or 16GB memory and a battery life of up to 50 hours. The Samsung Q2 has a 2.4 inch display and has FM radio and recorder, text viewer and a Smart Button for direct access to certain functionality.

Device & Dimensions:
The Samsung Q2 is a media player with an unknown weight. About the dimensions are not known. The use of the time depends on the degree of use. The Samsung Q2 is available in black and white.

Memory and Connectivity :
The Samsung Q2 is available in 16 GB of memory performances. In total there is 1 slot for microSD external memory. The Samsung Q2 joins via USB to your computer. It is not possibly to put data directly (eg Windows Explorer) on your Q2, this can only be supplied with the software.

Multimedia :
With the Samsung Q2 can listen and view both audio (MP3 and AAC) and video (MPEG4) files on the mobile. With the built-in picture viewer you can also view JPEG photos. The pictures and videos can be viewed on a 2.40" screen with a resolution of 0 x 0 pixels. This Samsung is equipped with a built-in FM radio for live radio on the go. It is also possible using the built-in voice recorder to record sound.

The cheapest Samsung Q2 costs currently (commercially) approx. 115 dollars.



Conclusion :
The Q2 incorporates the concept of Q1, namely a player up to 16GB available at low cost without sacrificing the high audio quality. Unfortunately, it disappoints where it was most expected, namely usability and autonomy. While autonomy has been greatly improved compared to Q1, but it is still too far from that announced by Samsung, especially with the effects DNSe enabled. Also, the new touchpad and button user cannot forget the lack of real buttons to control playback and volume for example. In fact, this is really poor ergonomics which spoils everything because if the Q2 is a good product overall. If Samsung does understand finally that consumers prefer having real buttons precise and effective than a touchpad design? So, we meet with a player a little better than its predecessor but we still leaves a bitter taste as we expected much better. The defects highlighted on the Q1 are hardly forgivable on his replacement.


  • Audio Quality
  • Audio Compatibility
  • Capacity / price
  • FM RDS tuner recordable
  • Design
  • UMS / MTP your choice directly to the player


Bad points:

  • Autonomy with the effects DNSe
  • Permanent standby not for real player
  • Video Compatibility problem


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