Microsoft Sidewinder X3 Mouse

Sidewinder series is not dead, and a little comeback on the mouse front was not a crazy decision. It’s actually almost 30 years since Microsoft started to make hard products, not just software. Since then there has been much good from the edge, although it took time for the enthusiasts were the focus. Sidewinder was the series that was aimed at the players.

Sidewinder in itself is nothing new, but it has been forgotten. After the first laser of the series was the name of dead long before that in 2007 was resurrected. Since that time we have seen a couple of new products, such as keyboard Sidewinder X3. Now mouse pointers back in new guise, releases bearing the names X3, X5 and X8.

We shall now take a look at least man, X3. Laser technology with a sensitivity up to 2000 DPI sits in the heart. If you wish you BlueTrack, only X8 that comes with this. Macro keys are on the pass, and it all has to fit both right-and left-handed. We take a real look at the Sidewinder comeback on the mouse front.


  • Connectivity Technology: Cable
  • Cord length: 1.85 meters
  • Interface: USB 2.0
  • Movement Detection Technology: Laser Sensor
  • Buttons Qty: 6 (including mouse wheel)
  • Movement Resolution: 2000 DPI
  • USB update frequency: 500 Hz
  • By hand: Both
  • Features: Sensitivity Adjustment 
  • Official support for OS: Windows XP / Vista

The mouse comes in an intricate cardboard box, once it is opened; you cannot count on and get the entire back together. Apart from the mouse, we find a small manual that clearly tells you how a USB cable connected, handy. A large briefing is also attached, along with a CD containing the software.

The basic functions work as always without installing any software. The latter must naturally sit in place to assign the macro functions as well as a number of other settings.

Use, ergonomics and design
Sidewinder X3 is definitely an easy mouse to be intended for gaming, but it is still stable on the substrate.

Like all other cursors, it is a bit strange in hand to begin with. After a little use over the weekend feels things better, and it all sits pretty well in both hands. The design is symmetrical, and it is as ergonomic for both left-and right-handed. Page buttons are also quite well placed.

Scroll wheel is not infinitely variable, but the steps are slightly tightened. It is covered in soft rubber with a simple profile. The wheel has only one chance then, and it is straight down.

Besides the scroll wheel mouse has two extra keys, one on each side. These can be assigned macros, or a host of other features. On top of the mouse, we find three buttons that give off a faint red light with this select mouse sensitivity, respectively, 2000, 800 and 400 DPI.

The mouse is in our opinion a little too easy, and you can not put any extra weights. The latter had given mouse a more solid feeling. Gliding surfaces on the bottom is relatively large, but they can not be exchanged directly.

We have tested the mouse on a variety of surfaces, including a wooden table, glass, carpet and fabric of microfiber.

After having tested the mouse on most natural surfaces, are we really surprised how well it responds. Right on the table top

, it is displayed equally good accuracy as the professional mouse pads. Carpet floor works just as well, with the whole thing will not slide as well. Most of us are surprised at how well the mouse works directly on the polished glass.

A gaming mouse must then clearly be tested in the game. Sidewinder X3 was tried over a few rounds of Half Life 2, Counter Strike Source and Call of Duty 4 It is impossible for us to say about this mouse since it is better than several other gaming mice. A little precision work in Photoshop was not a problem.

As we mentioned on page two of this test, you do not need to install software to use the mouse’s basic functions. There is however a bit pointless to buy such a mouse and not exploit it fully. The software will be easy in a few minutes, often before you at all connected to the mouse.

The main menu that meets us is very simple. You first select the mouse you use the pull down menu on the right, the program has not done this myself. Furthermore, you get a full overview of the mouse and its buttons. Screaming colors and arrows tell it exactly which key to modify. Both have fun and very easy.

Not only can you give the keys directly, and normal actions, but a couple of things have deceived themselves into place. Quick Start programs and the like are possible, and to acquire a button a number of key combination’s – such as the three Extender in Windows.

Macro function is most exciting. Press the button you want to gain a macro, and scroll to "M" in the huge list that appears. It is then easy to add macros; Microsoft has put it up so that people will understand what we are talking about.

At the end of the road, we will review Sidewinder X3 as a good gaming mouse, but it is not a new king of the hill. Are you looking for a simple mouse for gaming, which has everything you need in the buttons and that is not on in all the colors of the rainbow, and then X3 is good choice for you.

After some acclimation mouse sits comfortably in the hand, and all the buttons are well placed. Clicking sound is the good old, and it all slides out pretty well on most surfaces. In particular, we are surprised at how well it actually works on glass, even though it so clearly is not perfect.

Although both the mouse fits comfortably in both hands and glide well over many surfaces, it seems a bit flimsy. It is not particularly heavy, and you can not add extra weight. This is so clearly something you can turn to, but it remains a minor inconvenience. At the same time does it generally a bit "simple" – but as we mentioned above are probably many people like this.

Microsoft Sidewinder X3 starts with a price tag of just Rs. 2400. To be a gaming mouse we see this as a very nice price set against what you get. It is not particularly expensive, but at the same time, there are better gaming mouse out there.


  • Works on most surfaces
  • Easy grip for both hands
  • Well-placed buttons


  • For easy, in our opinion
  • Some "simple"


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