Guitar Hero 5

Guitar Hero 5, the fifth component of Guitar Hero series, is full of music with many tracks and new features like the ability to join other players without them again. This new episode is also the chance to play Kurt Cobain and Santana. It is developed by Neversoft and published by RedOctane and Activision.

Guitar Hero 5 adds several new features, such as drop-in/drop-out play, bands composed of any combination of available instruments, a Rockfest competitive mode consisting of several various scoring mechanisms, and both song-specific and general Challenges to unlock new avatars, clothing, and other extras in the game.

In four years and twelve episodes and spin-offs, we can not say that the developers of Guitar Hero have been idle. However, we can not really say they are not crushed, the only major innovation (drums and vocals) have been stung to cronies of Rock Band. Suffice to say that ten months after the release of 4, they did not have any illusions about the originality of this Guitar Hero 5.

  • Developer(s): Neversoft (Xbox 360/PS3); Vicarious Visions (Wii); Budcat Creations (PS2)
  • Publisher(s): Activision, RedOctane
  • Platform(s): PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, Wii, Xbox 360
  • Release date(s): NA: September 1, 2009, EU: September 11, 2009, AUS: September 16, 2009
  • Genre(s): Rhythm game
  • Mode(s): Single-player, multiplayer
  • Media: Blu-ray (PS3), DVD (PS2/Xbox 360), Wii Optical Disc (Wii)
  • Input methods: Guitar controller, drum controller, microphone, gamepad, Wii Remote


The concert of the century
Do not be choosy: the tracklist of Guitar Hero 5 is probably the most gratifying is that we have heard since the beginning of the series. A tracklist tightened around the plume rock with a lot of groups lately and good taste, including Raconteurs, Arctic Monkeys, Wolfmother, TV on the Radio, Queens of the Stone Age, Eagles of Death Metal, or Kings of Leon. The old pros of the rock ‘n’ roll circus, the Maiden, the Bowie, Iggy, the Deep Purple, the Stones, Dire Straits, are not forgotten either.

And if the inevitable heavy alternative rock stamped 1990s are also part (Smashing Pumpkins, Nirvana, Sonic Youth, Beck, Blur …), it is a little surprised to be offered to play the songs of Elliott Smith, from Johnny Cash, Stevie Wonder, King Crimson or White Stripes, as many artists worship far more discreet. 85 tracks in all, which can add thirty tracks on Guitar Hero World Tour, provided it has the original game and be prepared to pay a little less than Rs.248.50 for import. Same goes for twenty tracks on Guitar Hero Greatest Hits. And since the vast majority of songs downloaded for World Tour are compatible with the fifth episode, it begins to quantify.

Gameplay three stars
Good surprise, in addition to the tracklist concrete, Neversoft has made some efforts to dust off his license after an episode World Tour a little pain. The really good idea, what are the three new stars to unlock for each song, plus five-star basis from penalizing the quality of delivery.

To get three stars bonus, it will fill a little difficult enough challenge and put back a little difficulty in gameplay including old timers are starting to have done the trick. To give you an idea, he’ll have try to use the vibrato for more than 120 seconds, or not playing bass in the draft pick up.

The weak point of Guitar Hero remains the strange propensity for developers to always make too much, probably trying to distinguish itself from enemy brother Rock Band. Tapping, notes inflamed, freestyle, different levels of percussion that is still not sure. I understood more of the fundamentals of the series: it’s getting a lot of subtleties, of which very little actually bring something. The gameplay would win probably be a little more refined.

It’s too bad that developers are having fun with us playing the keyboard, turntable DJ or brass with the guitar. Immersion level and consistency, it was better. Especially since the point of view of quality of compositions, with its systematic shredding madman, Guitar Hero is still clearly a notch below the stable Rock Band.

But we do not hold strictly to Guitar Hero 5, just because he invented the method "evening". And that’s probably the best thing that ever happened to music since Eurovision. Here, not to choose an avatar, or options to resolve. Just start the game, grab an instrument, and press the yellow button to play. Anyone can join or leave the party in the middle of a song without interruption. Even if one can choose the setlist, by default, the songs are linked together randomly. No points scored, so impossible to lose, and at worst, it is possible to change the difficulty on the fly.

In short, the perfect game mode to play with passing friends without having to explain the principle for hours, without the pressure of the game over that threat during these evenings a little crazy where instruments rotate and pass from hand to hand.

Just immediate gratification! It is utterly stupid, but none was a Guitar Hero game from disreputable high score, friendly almost by accident. Now, the game is really multi par excellence.


  • The tracklist concrete
  • The bonus stars prolonging life
  • Mode "evening" that changes everything 
  • GH5 breaks the conventional configuration vocals / guitar / bass / drums



  • Play the keyboard or trumpet to guitar? Absurd.
  • Scores still lack finesse 
  • What is shameful that version of Lust for Life by Iggy Pop?



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