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Cloud computing: the latest chapter in an epic journey

On Tuesday, we announced a number of updates to Chrome and Chrome OS. For me, these announcements were among the most important of my...

Acer and Samsung to manufacturer Google Chrome Os Netbooks

Google has revealed a little more this week on its famous operating system oriented netbooks and massive use the mechanisms of cloud computing. This...

An update on Chrome, the Web Store and Chrome OS

On the Chrome team, we’re constantly amazed by the speed of innovation on the web. We designed Chrome to make the web shine, and...

No Chrome OS netbook going to be launched by Acer at Computex

Despite recent rumours in the press regarding the launch of Chrome OS based netbooks at Computex, Acer today confirms that it has no short-term ...

Google introduced the Google Print for Cloud computing

Google Unveils the Google Print for Cloud enable applications to print documents via a management mode made cloud computing. Unsurprisingly, the first information on...

Apple publishes Web previews for Itunes

Apple has started publishing Web previews for apps in its iTunes Store, a move that may signal the company's willingness to extend its focus...

Chrome OS tablet by Google

On Monday, Glen Murphy, a user interface designer for Google's Chrome browser and the Chrome operating system based on it, pointed to image and...

netbook N10 unveiled by Cydl

This netbook just over one kilogram integrates a RISC processor at 1.2 GHz PDX600 backed by 256 MB of RAM (expandable to 024 MB...

Smartphone Dominance between Apple and Microsoft vs Google

Apple and Google were once seen as best friends in their fight against mutual enemy Microsoft, but as Google has ventured into Apple’s turf...

Google has plans for netbook

It was already reported that there are rumors that Google will come with a private telephone. If we are to believe the messages, there are even...

ChromiumOS64 a 64-bit Chrome OS

Zhang Enming is a Singaporean developer decided to make the porting of the operating system from Google that is Chrome OS in a 64-bit. While...

What’s new in Google Chrome OS

It has been around one year since Google launched its Chrome browser. Google now releases the source code of its future operating system on...

Google Chrome OS ( Chromium OS )

Announced in July 2009 and based on its Chrome web browser and a Linux kernel, OS Chrome is free, easy, fast and secure. Note, however the majority...
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