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Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Water Test Video

The Galaxy S6 Edge smartphone also resists water immersions. However, there is something, which explains why Samsung did not communicate on this.As the new...

Samsung unveils the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge in Barcelona

"No other smartphone can compete with the Galaxy S6." It is this circumstance assertion in this type of conference that JK Shin, head of...

Samsung Galaxy S6 smartphone could launch on March 22

Samsung would have blocked some weeks in March and April during which employees may take leave. These periods were those of the launch of...

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge patent pictures surfaces

As a confirmation of the existence of a Galaxy S6 Edge, alternatively a patent obtained by Samsung describes a smartphone with a stretched display...

Samsung is not going to launch a Galaxy S6 Edge

There should be several future versions of Galaxy S6 but perhaps not necessarily a variant with a stretched screen unlike the variant like the...
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