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How to Dual Boot Nokia N900 with Maemo & Meego

With the new operating system version of the mobile system MeeGo 1.1 there is for hobbyists on the Nokia N900 in the next...

MeeGo and Ubuntu on Nexus O

The smartphone Nexus O Google may host other OS, like Ubuntu or even MeeGo. While the iPhone is taking tunes Android smartphone by hosting...

Nokia unveils plans for Symbian ^ 3 smartphones

The Nokia World event was important for Nokia, which badly needed boost its communication and unveil its plans around Symbian ^ 3. Four terminals,...

Nokia to get hold of Motally

Optimized developer and publisher product offerings through mobile analytics functionality. Nokia today announced it has signed an agreement to acquire Motally Inc., a privately-held US-based...

Intel Corporation and Nokia to merge

In a significant development in the convergence of communications and computing, Intel Corporation and Nokia are merging their popular Moblin and Maemo c. This will create...
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