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MSI P55-GD85 with USB3.0 and SATA 6 Gbps

MSI decided to rev up its high-end socket LGA-1156 motherboard lineup with the new P55-GD85. A part of this board's design seems to have been inspired...

MSI P55-CD53 Bios 1.4

MSI’s original invention, a fully automatic, smart overclocking chip. It will automatically detect the optimal settings for your individual system. The motherboard chipset that...

MSI’s “Xtreme Speeder” P55 Online Overclocking Competition whooping US$ 7,500

World renown mainboard brand manufacturer MSI on November 15 kicked off their global "Xtreme Speeder" P55 online overclocking competition. To show MSI’s appreciation and...

MSI P55 Overclocking Competition: Xtreme Speeder!

Overclocking at light speed, you are an MSI Xtreme Speeder! World renown mainboard manufacturer, MSI, along with the overclocking website HWBOT are co-hosting the Xtreme Speeder...
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