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Nokia X6 Mobile Phone Review

So far, all Nokia phones with touch screens have been just terrible. The shape of the X6 is thus essentially similar to the one looks...

Nokia Released Carpe Diem Daily – Avaiable on Ovi Store

Carpe Diem Daily by Nokia is a unique application available through the Ovi Store, which allows users to discover fascinating facts about the world...

Videora Nokia X6 Converter 5.04

Videora Nokia X6 Converter is a free Nokia X6 video converter that converts video files, YouTube videos, movies and DVD's so you can play...

Rihanna App available on Ovi Store and offers unique content and latest news

Nokia and Rihanna release exclusive content. Nokia today launches the exclusive Rihanna App. Bringing fans closer to Rihanna, the new App will deliver news, music,...

Nokia started shipping Nokia X6 – A Music Powerhouse

The Nokia Comes With Music Flagship phone, the Nokia X6, is now available in selected markets. Through the 'all-you-can-eat' music offering the Nokia X6...

Nokia X6 on sale in UK this week

The Nokia X6 hits the shelves in Finland and the UK this week, with more countries to follow. The much anticipated Nokia X6, announced at Nokia...
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