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Web Access 2.0 application is launched by Drishti

Drishti-Soft announces the launch of Ameyo Web Access 2.0. This browser-based application from the house of Drishti is a single window agent workbench specifically designed to...

SupportCalls with Outlook 3.4

The only comprehensive helpdesk system entirely integrated seamlessly within your Microsoft Office Outlook, transforming it from a simple email client to a full fledged...

XLGMC-1001 Media Converter for 40 Gigabit Ethernet From Hitachi Cable

Hitachi Cable, Ltd. has announced the development of an XLGMC-1001 media converter. The XLGMC-1001 is the world's first product to comply with the 40 Gigabit Ethernet...

Netop Remote Control 9.5 for Windows 7 Released

Netop, one of the leading administration software providers, today released Netop Remote Control 9.5 with advanced functionality for more flexible, powerful and secure remote...

Microsoft issues beta of Communicator Web Access

Microsoft next month will release a beta version of a forthcoming product dubbed Microsoft Office Communicator Web Access, an official said during an interview...
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