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Java support for Windows XP over

This is the end of Java for Windows XP. Oracle no longer is going to certify the operating system for its updates. In other...

Microsoft releases final Windows XP Security Updates

Patch Tuesday of April is provided with four security updates. Windows XP is concerned for the very last time in its life.Unless last minute...

Microsoft is offering $100 to stop using Windows XP

New incentive is pushed by Microsoft to abandon Windows XP and for that matter adopt Windows 8.Not far from the deadline of April 8,...

Windows XP Support Ends with Latest AMD Graphics Driver Update

It's now official, the popular Windows XP is no longer part of the supported operating systems for AMD. Perhaps it is time to turn...

How to Create Operating System Themes

 Here is a complete guide to make your own theme for your favorite operating system. References are provided for Windows based operating system, Mac...
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