Bloodborne – Gameplay Video

Sony recently released a new video of the next role play game of FromSoftware, highlighting the controls and different types of combat, called Bloodborne, a title that promises to be as rigorous as the series Demon's Souls and Dark Souls.

The Japanese studio FromSoftware accustomed to horror niche games, enjoyed a great success with the series of Demon's Souls and Dark Souls. Currently preparing a new license called Bloodborne, the company intends to use the assets of its former production.

Sony has released a new video that focuses on gameplay phases. The controls are particularly highlighted, as well as the different types of enemies approach, which always turn out as deceitful in their deplacemements and assaults in previous titles from the studio.

We note, however, that the clashes want more focus on the attack, while often about protecting themselves in Dark Souls and Demon's Souls. This is highlighted in order to increase risk-taking on the part of the players, which may result in a famous "die & retry" although punitive.

Recall that Bloodborne will be sold on March 25, 2015 in Europe exclusively on PS4.


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