StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void – Oblivion Trailer

Long awaited by fans of strategy games and Starcraft universe, the next installment of Starcraft II could emerge in the coming months.

At its major annual conference, Blizzcon 2014, Blizzard confirmed that some of its teams worked well truly in the development of the next series of StarCraft II.

Today, an internal source developer's studio confirmed that StarCraft II Legacy of the Void is finally finished and ready to be offered to the players. The exact launch date is currently not known, but it could be between April and June 2015.

The timing, however, remains responsible for Blizzard, which today released its Moba Heroes of the Storm, whose payable beta has just started (while the final title will be available for free).

Operation that already casts doubt on how the next StarCraft II component will be offered. An anticipated beta could be proposed for buyers of a possible pre-order, unless Blizzard looks for another free-based dissemination strategy mixed with game purchases or payable beta.

However, difficult to think that Blizzard may sabotage its title with optional paid options when you know that Starcraft is still one of the most played around the world and the cause of many international championships strategy games.


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