Evolve – Solo Gameplay Video

2K Games has released a video of FPS game Evolve which presents the single player mode that is originally planned to be practiced in multiplayer. Over 20 minutes of gameplay video shows how to play the game offline.

Due for release next week on PC and gaming consoles, Evolve is rather expected by FPS fans focused on the multiplayer experience. If the title of Turtle Rock Studios (to whom we owe the Left 4 Dead license) offers four game modes between human players against a player in control of a monster, the title remains with solo playable.

In order to properly present this method feasible while disconnected from the Internet, 2K Games has released a video which shows more than twenty minutes of gameplay in offline mode. The single player campaign features the same approach as multiplayer, except that the other characters are controlled by artificial intelligence.

Unfortunately, it will not count on a progression scripted, but it can allow beginners to train against bots before launching into online battles.

Recall that Evolve will be sold February 10, 2015 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.


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