Persona 5 – Gameplay Trailer

The first real trailer for Persona 5 gives some clues about the potential of the game.

Planned for this year – at least in Japan – exclusively on PlayStation machines, Persona 5 benefits of an event held in honor of the franchise from Atlus to reveal a little more. The trailer shown above offers a number of elements on the game, artistic choices to gameplay mechanics.

We can thus see at different times, the highly saturated sublime animated colors menus, or the many visual effects that accompany fighting in this RPG. An overview of the class sequences – as usual, Persona staged students – such as lifestyle passages is also present. This will wander in the subway or the mall, and prepare our raids in dungeons in any harbor in the area.

Gameplay side, it seems that a dynamic displacement method leaves room for some semblance of infiltration. At the end of the trailer, Atlus finally gives us a glimpse of one of Persona hero, wearing a flaming mask.


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