Dissidia Final Fantasy – Teaser Trailer

Square Enix has taken advantage of JAEPO 2015 fair that took place last weekend to announce the development of a third Dissidia: Final Fantasy series. The title benefits from a first trailer which is quite impressive.

Final Fantasy fans know, Dissidia: Final Fantasy has had two rather nice episodes there a few years ago on PSP. Both episodes allowed to control the many different characters of this RPG series.

As part of JAEPO 2015, held late last week, Square Enix has announced the development of a third installment of Dissidia: Final Fantasy.

For the occasion, a first video was put online, displaying a careful implementation and some heroes such as the Warrior of the Light of the first Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy VI Terra, Lightning of FFXIII, Cloud of FFVII or Y 'shtola of Final Fantasy XIV.

With amazing array, the Japanese publisher has announced that the title is currently scheduled for release on arcade machines in Japan, but it is not impossible that an announcement on consoles is confirmed in a second time.


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