Trine 3 Gameplay Trailer

The independent studio Frozenbyte has announced the development of a new episode of the Trine series. This third installment, confirmed for now on PC, enjoys a first trailer with gameplay phases, as well as some in-game images.

Independent Finnish studio Frozenbyte scored many players with Trine, a superb adventure game released in 2009. Offering interesting gameplay through three protagonists to their capacities, the title also has a very successful fantasy atmosphere, both in terms of visual realization than sound.

After an equally effective result, Frozenbyte has recently announced the development of Trine 3: The Artifacts of Power. Confirmed for this time on the PC, the new adventures of the knight, thief and the magician will be made with some new features.

According to the first above-present video, the title will offer a level design which will confine itself solely to the more horizontal scrolling. Indeed, some phases will add depth in the scenery, offering some enhancements for gameplay.

For now, Trine 3 is due for release currently in 2015, without elaborating.


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