Terraria: Otherworld GDC 2015 Trailer

Announced a few weeks ago, Terraria: Otherworld, following the sequel exploration/ craft/Adventure of Terraria today gives some elements of its content and gameplay through a series of messages posted on the official forum.

The next title of Re-Logic will contain a much more of this scenario than that of its predecessor with numerous NPCs with their own history and personality. In the manner of the mix of elements already in place in a title like Starbound, narrative elements will be randomly selected and arranged by them to maintain high replay value expected by the community.

If the script wants to be more worked, player progression through the narrative will be quite free and non-linear way to stick to the best exploration aspect of the series. In the manner of an RPG, a talent tree will be present, skills evolve with use and over time. However, the developer said that nothing is cast in stone, there will be no classes nor original choice. A player using a regular stick mage will increase its effectiveness over time.

Also new in the gameplay, tower defense phases will be participating in this new episode. Specifically, the adventure will ask the player to reactivate Purification Tours during its progression. They must be defended and maintained to maintain their power intact. Even the best players cannot handle all the towers at the same time, in the words of Re-Logic team.

Terraria: Otherworld takes place in a darker version of Terraria universe, the player will have to fight against an unknown force. The game is advertised on PC and Mac, a port is also envisaged on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, according to the official website of Terraria.


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