Final Fantasy XV Demo – Titan Trailer

Players have sought to overcome the limitations of the demo Episode Duscae of Final Fantasy XV, so much so that they were able to discover some surprises such as a statue of the Titan invocation. Everything is presented in video.

Available via a download code in the first game boxes of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD available now in Europe on PS4 and Xbox One, the demo "Episode Duscae" of Final Fantasy XV allows us to check out the first glimpse of the future RPG from Square Enix.

It has imposed in the Exploration limits in the proposed world, since the development does not reveals complete gameplay. However, the crafty looked for glitches in the universe of the demo, to override the barrier imposed by the developers.

As demonstrated in the video above, a gamer has found a flaw in the set, allowing him to direct themselves to the extreme southwest of the map, passing even under the map to discover a gigantic statue of Titan invocation.


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